Building a new home

Building a new home

Deciding to build a new home is a huge project to undertake, it takes many months of preparation and hard work before you even get to lay a single brick of your new property. However, the more time and care you take over preparing, the quicker and smoother your new home build project will be completed.
Here are some steps to help you with your home building project:

1. Have a budget
Before you even begin to start designing your new dream home, it’s important that you work out just how much you want to spend or how much you can afford to borrow to build your new home. Be realistic about your budget and don’t forget to factor in increases in interest rates and any other circumstances that may occur when it comes to repayments.

2. Organise Finance
Shop around for the best deal on finance, which may not necessarily be with your own bank. You may not be able to borrow the full amount so you may need to adjust your budget accordingly.

3. Find Location
Deciding where you want your new home to be built is paramount. Decide how much you can afford in terms of location and size of plot. You may find you have to compromise your location to get a bigger plot of land.

4. Decide upon a general theme and style of house
Having a clear idea of how you want your new home to look like will help save both time and money when it comes to working with your architect. Take time to look at other homes, both old and new, for inspiration and scour industry press for the latest designs and technology.

5. Contact Builder Selector
Once you have your land, general home ideas and money in place, then is the time to call in Builder Selector to help you find the right contractors for your new home building project.

6. Buy Land
It is prudent to have your finance offer in place before you look for the site to build your new home, this way you will know just how much you can offer for the land and are unlikely to miss out because someone has jumped in and bought the plot before you. Make sure you can build the home you want on the land before you buy.

7. Hire Contractors
Decide from the shortlist of contractors who you would like to carry out the design and building work on your new home.

8. Decide upon design and materials to be used
This is the time to sit down with your architect and builder and sort out all the details from the design to the materials that will be used for your new home build.

9. Decide who will project manage the new home build
Decide whether you want to project manage the home building project yourself or if you’d rather pass the responsibility onto either the architect or building contractor. If you decide to take the role on yourself, ensure you have the time to dedicate to the project.

10. Stay on top of finances and paperwork
Builder Selector will help you with the necessary official paperwork that goes with your home building project, but you will need to ensure that everything is signed and returned on time. Make sure you pay any fees and charges incurred along the way so as not to delay the process.

11. Start gathering internal fixtures and fittings
Once the building work has begun you can start to collect all the internal fixtures and fittings for your new home. Take advantage of seasonal sales and check out salvage yards and any local refurbishments for reclaimed items that you could use in your home build.

12. Keep in regular contact with contractors
Keeping in contact with the people working on your new home is vital. Try to get around to the property as often as possible to check on progress and discuss any problems that may arise. Always make sure you’re contactable in case of any emergencies.

13. Arrange for final inspections
Once the building work has been completed you will need to have the work done closely inspected before signing off and paying. Make sure all issues are corrected and keep a note of the telephone numbers for the contractors in case anything occurs at a later day.

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